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Praise for Heartlines….


“Beautiful book of poetry! Each page is illustrated in full color with the author’s distinctive artwork and filled with insightful reflections on life’s moments of wondering, joy, freedom, disappointment, and discovery. With a strong female voice grounded in the natural world, the author’s lovely words are accessible to all. I will treat this little book as a wise companion that I will read over and over again!”

– Mary M.


“Book for the divine moments of life, love and sisterhood. I adore reading this aloud in my yoga classes and at my women’s group Female Rebels. Heartlines is pure magic.”

– Chyla Walsh

“If there is indeed a Feminine Divine, Ms. Korzen has tapped into Her source.With a wonderful stroke of whimsical lyricism, Korzen’s soul-centered poeticism expresses the beauty, pain, and pleasure of the female experience.”

-Anna Derr